Affiliate Marketing Training at its Best !

This is definitely affiliate marketing training at its best.

I first met Andy Grand at James Schramko’s Fast Web Formula 2 Workshop where he was invited as an expert speaker on affiliate marketing training.  The Workshop was held in Sydney during September 2010 and, although I’ve known about him as
an affiliate marketing training expert for a few years, I’d never met or heard him speak before.

What he said at the Workshop was very simple, but brilliant and, it really blew me away. He revealed just some of his indirect and creative secrets at Fast Web
Formula where attendees paid up to $3000 to attend.


I decided there and then that there’s a lot more to Switzerland than just banks, watches, skiing and cheese.


There’s also Andy Grand, who is also Swiss and, a top 100 Clickbank affiliate.

What does that mean?  It means that he knows a hell of a lot about making money online – big money from affiliate marketing.

With the release of his Super Affiliate Guy he now totally exposes his proven affiliate marketing training techniques on how to build simple little affiliate blogs, focusing on what people want and, using strategies that definitely work.


In fact, each blog earns him $300 to $5,000 per month from affiliate marketing and, what’s more – he proves it !


He reveals affiliate marketing methods on how he finds hot and in demand products with low search engine competition and hordes of buyers. Not only that, he shows you how to look for products that are NOT heavily promoted by other affiliates.

There are a number of very cool strategies that not many people know about. For example, you’ll learn how you can build blogs around physical products with low competition and, still earn up to 75% commission.

But it’s the resources he provides; his link building strategies along with his testing and tracking methods that are all just priceless as far as I’m concerned.

You’ll be amazed at the price and the Bonus !

There are 10 affiliate marketing training Video Modules in the Super Affiliate Guy Course….

These include: Smart Niche Research; Buyer Keyword Research; Stealth Domain Search and Hosting; Ninja WordPress Setup; Easy Content Creation; How to Effectively Monetize your Blog; Autoresponder Magic; Testing and Traffic Strategies;  Link Building Strategies; Paid Traffic Strategies and Coaching Support.

Why listen to the affiliate marketing training from Andy Grand ?
Watch his free videos HERE
and you’ll soon see why !

* PDF  Transcipts

* Lists of many, many Resources

* Plugin recommendations

Included in the affiliate marketing training is this Great BONUS !

You get The Super Affiliate Guy Course when you join the SuperFastResults Forum !


This forum, for high achieving internet marketers,  costs $97 per month to be a member. It’s where you can ask questions and get answers from BOTH Andy Grand and James Schramko.  Click on the Banner below for details…..


This is truly a very comprehensive and value packed affiliate marketing training course perfectly suited for both new and experienced internet affiliate marketers

If you would like to see what Andy Grand does with his affiliate marketing blogs, with proof of what he achieves and, how he makes $300-$5000 per month on autopilot, then I strongly recommend Super Affiliate Guy.


This is affiliate marketing training at its best !




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