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“Flipping Websites for Cash !”

 The WordPress Queen, tells you how !

One thing Leanne King knows lots of stuff about is WordPress and flipping websites.  Known as the WordPress Queen,  Leanne  recently published a new 51 page eBook on setting up WordPress blogs, tuning them and then selling them for a profit.  She shares some great tips on how to sell a blog, what to hand over and a whole lot more.

This WordPress flipping websites eBook is great value at just $9.99

If you’re interested in making various kinds of niche sites and obtaining some extra cash in your spare time then I can thoroughly recommend Leanne’s “WordPress Quick Cash” .

Her WordPress Quick Cash for flipping websites and making cash is a step-by-step approach to building sites and selling them. She tells you her favorite plug-ins and how to configure them and,  by following her instructions you’ll have a site up and running in no time; be selling affiliate products quickly and then be able to flip the site over for that extra cash.

You also get Leanne’s report in a word document to give to your buyers. It’s a guide on how to use WordPress.

Alternatively,  you can always just keep the sites as your own money maker.

Remember, it’s only $9.99

Great Value !





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