Fast Web Formula videos are now available….


“Fast Web Formula videos 1, 2 and 3 with James Schramko
and Expert Speakers at the Fast Web Formula Workshops,


The Fast Web Formula videos are now available and, anyone who attended James Schramko’s  Fast Web Formula Workshops  will tell you that they really had an exciting internet marketing experience.

James  invited a number of Australian and International internet marketing experts to speak about their area of expertize at these events in Australia.

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These are just some of the expert speakers you will see on the Fast Web Formula Videos inside the members area:


Andy Grand

Andy Grand super affiliate from Switzerland

Andy Grand is a former Swiss banker who has become one of the world’s super affiliate marketers making a lot of money online.

This Top 100 Clickbank Affiliate revealed his internet business secrets at Fast Web Formula 3.  Andy knows exactly what it takes to become an affiliate marketer and make money online.

He has even written a training course called Super Affiliate Guy where he uses proven techniques for creating simple little affiliate blogs that make him from $300 to $5,000 per month on autopilot.

This is the second time that James Schramko has invited Andy to come to Australia from Switzerland and speak at one of his Fast Web Formula events.

Kyle Tully Local Business Expert

Kyle Tully’s Expertize:  Kyle is a copywriting and internet marketing consultant who specializes in helping companies get more new customers, reclaim lost customers, generate more referrals, increase profits, and maximize their marketing success without any risk at all, and without spending any more money on advertising.

Kyle is the author of The Lost Blueprint (on how this very successful Australian internet marketer operates and how he runs his online business. And, it’s only $10 –  an absolute bargain) and Overnight Membership Site (The #1 secret to making money online).

In addition, Kyle runs a very successful Marketing Consulting Business.

Kyle covered the local business model at Fast Web Formula 3.


Jen Sheahan is a Facebook Adverting expert

Jen Sheahan is a Facebook Advertising Expert from Melbourne, Australia.

CEO and Founder of  FB Ads Lab, Jen is a Facebook Business Advertising Campaign Management Expert.

Facebook ads are the best source of instant, qualified and targeted traffic for your website.

Founded in 2010 by Jennifer Sheahan, the FB Ads Lab has been helping all businesses – big and small, in a variety of niches to perfect their Facebook Ad campaigns.



Ed O'Keefe from the United States

Ed O’Keefe is called “the secret weapon”. Secret, because he has so far avoided the harsh limelight of fame, preferring to lay low and let his work do his talking.

He’s a real life, self-taught marketing expert who has discovered the amazing secrets of touching the emotions that practically grabs high quality customers by the shirt and drags them into your office for you.

Attendees tapped into the mind of this brilliant master marketer and found out how to see their profits skyrocket . He  shared his key elements that caused huge [40 Million dollars and counting…] success to his business.



Leanne King is the WordPress Queen

Leanne King a.k.a. the WordPress Queen, spoke about how to create WordPress portal empires.

Leanne is the well known author of  WordPress for Internet Marketers

According to Leanne, less than 10% of bloggers are maximizing the potential of their blogs and are missing out on the huge earning potential offered by WordPress.




Ed Dale

Ed Dale Master Internet Marketer

Ed Dale, Master Marketer of the 30 Day Challenge.

Attendees also had the pleasure of listening to Master internet marketer Ed Dale and learned the latest internet marketing trends and sales leadership. He shared key concepts that drive attitudes towards content creation and market leadership.





Mike Rhodes PPC Expert with James Schramko

“How to attack PPC with confidence” was the subject of Mike Rhode’s presentation.

Mike, who is a top PPC professional in Australia  shared what works with remarketing and the best strategies gleaned from running a high volume agency.






Simon Johnson, Domain Expert


Domaining by Simon Johnson – “What to do with idle websites”

An expert in growing domain portfolios and monetizing them for decent profit.

He shared his best advice.




Alexi Neocleous, Conversion Expert

Alexi Neocleous, Copywriting & Conversion Expert

Conversions by Alexi Neocleous – “Re-think and Focus on Your Key Goals”

Alexi shares his own customer-getting mechanisms and works us through the inner mind game of appealing to your customers.





The Fast Web Formula videos are now available