Need a landing page generator to boost your conversions ? James Schramko, Australia’s leading internet marketer, has amazingly now made available, one of his prized secret tools.

Landing Page Generator Tool

“Landing Page Generator Tool is Exceptional Value !”

I cannot stress enough that this MEGA POWERFUL LANDING PAGE GENERATOR PROFIT  TOOL is just amazing. Insiders, (like myself, who are members of his Private Forum), have been using the web tool to get terrific results.

And, the fabulous thing is that James has released this landing page generator tool for a VERY small amount, which is payable on a monthly basis.  Just $17 per month !   I’ll repeat that because it’s Exceptional Value !

Yes, – it’s not a mistake – just $17 per month. BUT  be QUICK – he may close the landing page generator Membership soon !

Here’s just a few of the things you can use the Landing Page Generator tool for.

  • Creating high ranking pre-sell pages that promote affiliate products.
  • Build web pages for local businesses with the landing page generator.
  • Lead generation pages.
  • Sell your OWN products !
  • Survey capture generators.

You’ll be able to build more sites easily and quickly with this
Landing Page Generator Tool.

    • Your keywords will be protected from the prying eyes of spybots and nasty scraper tools. He includes a file that tells them to go away.
    • The images are all linked to the offer link re-direct. This means that when someone clicks on the picture (you can put two) the page will go straight away to the place you want to get the visitor to.
    • You can drop an affiliate cookie using a very sneaky ‘one time’ drop that is hard for people to detect. WARNING: use at your own risk. Once your commissions skyrocket your affiliate manager may want to know how.
    • Your offer link is cloaked. It will re-direct through a keyword names re-direct making it hard for people to see when you are an affiliate.