Here’s a 7 Step Networking System
for Getting More Clients !

It’s a complete networking course for your business needs….

Having been a self-employed Marketing and Public Relations Consultant for many years and, knowing how difficult it can be to obtain new clients, I wish I’d had access to a great system like that developed by Janna Jungclaus, which she has named Networking Goldmine.

Janna has definitely developed a fresh approach to winning new clients with her innovative 7 step networking system.

Janna Jungclaus Networking system

Forget about cold calling, direct mail or even video reviews as you’ll find it really difficult to contact the right person, let alone in the right way or at the right time. I know, I’ve tried them all !


If you want to build your consulting business, then you have to build more long-term strategic relationships and, the way to do that is by attending networking events and, by following the right networking system !


If you’re not seeing the results you’d like in relation to obtaining new clients, then I strongly suggest you claim your FREE FIRST VIDEO now !


Janna advises you how to plan your networking events and, how to turn them into your advantage.


The system is built around what she calls “leveraged networking”. It focuses on pre-networking strategy, the actual networking event and post-networking leverage.

Here’s a quick overview of what each step covers….


networking system image Step 1 In this video Janna asks: “Is Networking for You?”

Step 2 – How to find the Right Events For Your Business.

Step 3 – Discover how to easily and effortlessly prioritize your network and, how to build your very own Power Group.

Step 4 – How to make the most out of attending each networking event. You’ll also discover how to avoid deadly networking mistakes!

Step 5 – How to take advantage of opportunities and, h0w to set up your post-networking leverage.

Step 6 – Learn which methods will save you time while still creating a personal relationship with your potential clients and referral partners.

Step 7 – In this video you’ll discover the secrets to building long-term relationships and staying on top of people’s minds without being annoying or spending a lot of time.


Please make a note of what you receive…..

8 Videos (the average is 15 minutes long)

An mp3 for each video to listen to in the car or on the run

A transcript for each video so you can read up on anything you want

A detailed 36 page workbook with exercises, graphics and the most important points of each step

How to use your unique strengths in networking (and business)

Resources for finding the best networking events to suit your business and your ideal clients


“Networking Goldmine System”

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