A Secure WordPress Site is
of Paramount Importance !

WordPress security is absolutely essential if you want to sleep easy at night and, not be worried about hackers taking over your highest money producing websites.

If you have WordPress security issues and, the hacking of your site does occur; what can you do about it ? Remember, it’s just not loss of income. It’s also lost time in having to rebuild your site or sites and,  it could also damage your reputation as well as losing trust with the search engines.

Secure WordPress Blogs

At just $17 you can obtain WordPress security and peace of mind

Leanne King, a.k.a. the WordPress Queen, shows you in
the simple blog security steps you need to take to keep WordPress secure including:

  • Why you need to secure your blog
  • How to secure your own computer and WHY you need to
  • What you need to know when choosing a web host
  • The secure way to install a WordPress blog
  • Blog Security measures you need to put in place
  • How to update your blog
  • What information you need to keep private and how
  • How to secure your MYSQL database
  • How to prevent comment spam
  • How to back up your blog
  • What to do if you have been hacked

WordPress security is too important !
Wordpress security issues must be addressed NOW !


  • You will receive immediately after your purchase access to an 88 page WordPress Security Guide that is packed with blog security tips, tricks and step by step tutorials to take you from a WordPress user to a WordPress blog security ninja.
  • You will also receive the audio version of the book as well if you prefer to listen.
  • WordPress Security Checklists (great for giving to outsourcers) to help you set up your blog securely, update your blog and what steps you need to take if you have been  hacked.


For just $17 you’ll learn how to go about securing WordPress Blogs
and protect them from being attacked.