With Your PPC Campaign You’ll Obtain Double Digit
Click Through Rates !

If you’re new to PPC, or perhaps you’ve lost money or are losing money,  then a package that provides new techniques, tips and the personal secrets from two accomplished PPC internet marketers on how to achieve a higher click through rate and a better return on investment,  is well worth investigating .

James Schramko’s  Pay Per Click Masterclass Package not only covers the intricacies of PPC marketing, (including common mistakes), but also offers:James Schramko PPC internet marketer

Expert PPC Training from James Schramko and Mike Rhodes

– Both Mike Rhodes and James Schramko delivering expert PPC training
– Mike Rhodes is opening up his toolbox and brain for you like never before
– 8 Weeks of pre-recorded webinars
– Download the recordings to your own computer or watch them online (streaming)

– Bonus Mindmaps, tools, critiques

The PPC Masterclass – Watch the Video HERE

PPC Topics covered include:

– Adwords overview
– Keywords
– Ads
– Landing Pages
– Campaign building
– Quality Score
– Tracking
– Analytics
– Display
– Reporting

The package covers many different aspects of PPC including:  keyword research,  strategy, landing pages, writing ads, case studies and advanced techniques.

Who is this For?

– Internal PPC manager
– Local Business Consultant
– Business owner
– PPC Agency (or if you want to create one)
– Super Affiliates in non make-money niches using content site landing pages (NOT direct linking)

It’s a comprehensive, step by step approach to PPC with some very worthwhile, detailed and instructive tutorials that will help you achieve a much more effective PPC campaign with a higher click through rate and, therefore, a much better return on your investment.

How Much?

– $599 for full 8 weeks of recordings + tools + Mindmaps

Pay Per Click is measurable

When you get winning campaigns you can scale them. You can command high fees to manage accounts for others. The business market is only just beginning and you have a HUGE opportunity to get in front of a wave of customers.

For more information and a fully detailed review of the Pay per Click Masterclass Package you can visit:
James Schramko’s Pay Per Click Masterclass





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