Discover the value of Press Releases for SEO !

Press releases for SEO purposes are extremely valuable.

As a retired Marketing and Public Relations Consultant I’ve prepared hundreds of press releases for clients over the years and, I’m well aware of the benefits a well placed press release can achieve.

Powerful Press Releases for SEO

Press releases for SEO are extremely powerful


However, these days, you don’t need to hire an expensive PR consultant to prepare  press releases for SEO in the format expected, and acceptable, by journalists and editors.

Kerry Finch has prepared a report entitled Powerful Press Releases, that will enable you to harness the power of press releases by driving tons of targeted traffic to your website.

According to Kerry and, I have to agree with her here, the Internet has leveled the  Press Release playing field.

“The rules have changed and PR strategies have needed to be adapted to leverage the opportunities that the in
ternet marketplace now offers,” said Kerry.

“It’s now much easier to find laser targeted groups of people who are interested in your message.  More importantly though, it is now easier and quicker for those networks to find your message,” she added.

Kerry Finch author of Powerful Press Releases for SEO

Kerry Finch Internet Writer and SEO Content Specialist

Are you aware that you can get the same result with ONE powerful press release that you can get by writing and distributing hundreds of articles, publishing web 2.0 pages and building backlinks ?

These days, internet marketers directly communicate with their buyers through finely targeted niches. They invest time in identifying, profiling and analyzing their markets; they research ‘buying’ keywords used by those niches and create Search Engine Optimized (SEO) copy around this information.

Press releases for SEO are powerful.  Every internet marketer should have them as an integral component to their overall SEO strategy.


To learn more about why press releases for SEO are great and, to learn how to prepare them yourself, together with an understanding of where to distribute them for the best effect, I strongly recommend Powerful Press Releases