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SEO Content Writing – If there’s anyone who understands article marketing and using SEO content writing to get targeted traffic it’s got to be Kerry Finch.

Kerry really knows what type of SEO content writing delivers value to internet marketers and what gets them rankings.

She has developed a system to create articles that’s so effective they can be used in a multitude of different ways. If you would like to know how one quality article can create at least 6 completely different vehicles of SEO content,  then I strongly suggest you check out her “SEO CONTENT COACH”

Having seen the results that great SEO content writing has delivered for her own projects and those of her clients, Kerry decided to develop this online coaching program to enable you to also create great SEO content written material.

SEO content writing by Kerry FinchNot only that, her online SEO Content Coach Program is designed to step you through both the theory behind the various types of SEO content writing and, to give you practical, on-screen demonstrations on publishing to the most important sites and services.

Kerry has a real understanding of what it is that internet marketers need in the way of written SEO content. She knows the different internet writing styles needed for different purposes, including keyword placement, deep-linking, tags and categories etc.

Because she provides internet writing services to some great internet marketers, (including the brilliant Australian internet marketer , James Schramko),  she has personally seen the creative ways they have used the written content she’s provided.

Kerry now shares this information with you in



SEO Content Writing Coach will teach you….

* Her SEO content writing secrets for creating great articles… or how to effectively brief and source an outsourcer to do it for you!

* How to use keywords in internet writing to unlock profits

* How articles can drive targeted traffic to your website

* How to position yourself as a writing expert

* How to exponentially increase the value  of one quality article through leverage

* How you can set up your own business as a freelance content creator



Content that will bring you both links and traffic.


Here’s just a few of the subject matters covered:

* Article Marketing and the Seach Engines

* What to write about

* Article composition

* The Title

* The Body – making your article easy to read

* Correct use of Keywords

* Links within the article

* The Resource box and Call to Action

* Publishing your article

* Article Directories

* Leveraging your articles

* Article submission services

* Article Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

* Outsourcing

* How to market your writing business

This is your opportunity to create great SEO CONTENT WRITING as an internet marketer!