Leanne King's WordPress for Internet Marketers

Leanne King’s WordPress for Internet Marketers

“WordPress for Internet Marketers Review”

Leanne King, a.k.a;  “The WordPress Queen”, has launched her WordPress for Internet Marketers.

This jam packed, 900 plus page, all-in-one package, on how to turn your WordPress blog into a Money Press,  is a step-by-step approach on everything you need to know about WordPress. This is NOT your average guide to WordPress. It’s definitely written with the Internet Marketer in mind.

How WordPress can be turned into
a money grabbing system

According to Leanne, less than 10% of bloggers are maximizing the potential of their blogs and are missing out on the huge earning potential offered by WordPress.

Anybody from busy professionals to stay at home parents can use WordPress For Internet Marketers with life changing results (In fact, Leanne personally guarantees it).

How come?

Because WORDPRESS FOR INTERNET MARKETERS takes the guesswork, wasted time and endless hours of frustration out of building income producing websites.

The largest single source on WordPress on the market.

This book, or should I say Bible,  is different from the smaller guides out there that charge you to solve only a small fraction of your possible problems.

WordPress For Internet Marketers will take you by the hand,
step by step and show you exactly
how to set up a monetized WordPress site.



Wordpress Queen's WordPress for Internet Marketers

Remember, you’re getting 950 pages of pure, step by step content designed to create income streams over and over, without spending days in utter frustration trying to figure things out on your own.

If you need to figure out how to build a webpage, how to use  html editors, how to FTP, how to design pages using CSS, how to integrate offers, products for sale…then WordPress for Internet Marketers is for you.

I know how frustrating and time wasting it all becomes.

That’s why I recommend WORDPRESS FOR INTERNET MARKETERS , and that’s why it’s a no brainer for those of us with time constraints. This book will guide you through using the free WordPress software used by thousands and show you how to create websites for your internet marketing activities.

After all, why get annoyed that you’re spending more time and money than you can afford with this internet business stuff, when you could be experiencing the rewards much sooner, and without a fraction of the stress levels that others have to endure?

Here’s an extract from “WordPress for Internet Marketers” on
“How to install WordPress Blog on your Domain”

Install a WordPress Blog on your Domain

The Power of WordPress

When you get used to using WordPress as a CMS and, when you have familiarised yourself with the concepts that you need to learn in order to make money from your website, you will find that WordPress is a good tool for making a profitable site.

For one, WordPress has its own search engine optimisation tools built into it, what with the use of trackback options, permalinks and other functions. Search engine optimisation, an essential task involved in marketing and promoting a website, becomes easy with WordPress. A properly optimised site will always find itself in the top rankings on search engine results pages. With high rankings come traffic – and profits.

Start building a VRE Empire with this complete WordPress Resource

Make money with:-

  • Review sites (For example, a Clickbank product Review site)
  • eCommerce sites (Products from CJ, Linkshare, Shareasale, etc)
  • Affiliate Products
  • Your own products
  • Adsense
  • Building lists
  • Membership sites
  • Create an Article Directory

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It provides ALL the answers !